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Property Inventory Reporting

Produce Elegant Inventory and Check In Reports quickly, with our Dedicated App and Website Dashboard.

Compile Inventory reports on-site using the Inventory Egg app. Once the report is complete, sync it with our servers allowing you to manage the report online where you can export it as a PDF or share it online directly with clients.

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Inventory Egg Property Inventory Reporting, Dashboard Screenshot
Inventory-Egg App

The Inventory Egg App is optimised for fast, efficient, easy setup of new property reports, producing concise, accurate Inventories and Check Ins


In-built Voice/Speech-To-Text provides direct entry into your Property Inventory Reports and can help to massively reduce time at the property

Professional Reports

Produce professional, smart, readable & easy-to-navigate inventory & check-in reports, with a consistent, logical, intuitive layout using robust & reliable software

Optimal Report Layout

Report Photos are optimally positioned (adjacent to relevant information) to facilitate easy location of info, with maximum clarity and document continuity

Client Access

Controlled access (by you) for third parties (clients) via their own login for direct online visibility of their inventory reports, properties and information


Manage properties, reports, staff logins, client access, business logos, export of reports and set preferences via the user-friendly dashboard

Get Started with Inventory Egg Property Reporting
App features
Speech-to-Text to speed up input of report information
Date/Time stamp on report photos
Import images into your report e.g from email/other apps via the gallery
Tenant Signing for getting signatures on-site in the app for Inventories / Check-Ins
Link to (Google) Maps via property PostCode or Address
Reports / Dashboard
Manage Users/Staff logins, app activations etc
Setup client logins for access to view properties and export reports
Export inventory/check-in reports to PDF with varied image compression to control filesize
Upload company logo for inclusion on reports
PDF with embedded hyperlinks from Contents for ease-of-navigation
Additional App features
  • Intuitive and clear layout for easy, quick app navigation
  • Can work offline e.g. when onsite, at a property
  • Property-types with default Rooms/Items for quick-start at new properties
  • 'Duplicate' function for Room & Items for fast setup of the property
Additional Dashboard Features
  • Quick-view of latest reports for fast access, export to PDF etc
  • Fast access, anywhere you're connected, to your property portfolio
  • Secure storage of your report information and photos
  • Control over client access for properties
Property Room/Items

View room details and items list

Add room notes (Typing or Speech) and photos

Items list shows icons indicating whether Condition, Description or Images are present

Room / items inventory
Item Description/Condition

Add item Condition and Description

Take, import or view photos

Item inventory
Schedule of Condition

Dropdown option and comments for each subsection:

Electrical Fittings
Kitchen & Appliances
Schedule of condition report
Health Safety Report


Smoke Detectors
Heat Detectors
Carbon-Monoxide Detectors
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Blankets
Electrical Safety Cert
Gas Safety Cert
Health & safety inventory report
Services/Utilities Report


Other Fuel
Septic Tank
General Comments
Services / utilities property report
Item Photos

Each page/section has a photo function

Photos are date/time-stamped

Images can be imported

Photos can be rotated

App item inventory photos
Appliances Section

Electrical/Gas items are flagged to appear in the Appliance section

Appliance settings:

Pat-Test info
Appliances property report
Tenant Signature
Tenants (and the Inspector) can sign the report within the app.

The declaration has mandatory and optional clauses.
The mandatory clauses must be ticked before the tenant can sign

Property Inventory tenant signature