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Getting started with Inventory Egg

Getting setup with Inventory-Egg is easy

Our software is optimized for fast, easy setup and quick creation of concise, accurate reports.

Choose a plan to suit your requirements and register.

Choose a plan on our Pricing page with the number of properties and users that meets your needs.

Follow the instructions to sign up.


Or register for our Free 30 Day Trial, for up to 3 properties and 2 users.

Install and activate the app.

Install the App from the App Store or Play Store.

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Once registered via the website, login to the app using the same Username and Password as set during registration.

Start creating your property reports!

Create a New Report with the 'Add Report' function

Reports can be created with entirely new property details or from existing properties and reports that you've saved on the system.

See our blog article 'Basics of the Property Reporting Cycle' for information on creating new reports and the flow of property reporting

To start creating a report, please get more info here!

See our YouTube Video on starting an Inventory Report

Schedule of Condition within a Property Inventory Report

Health and Safety within a Property Inventory Report