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Creating a Report with Inventory Egg
A step-by-step guide

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See our YouTube Video on starting an Inventory Report

From the App HomePage, choose 'Add/New' and choose the kind of report needed:

  • Inventory
  • Inventory/Check In
  • Check In
  • Midterm/Interim
  • Check Out
Inventory Egg App: Home Page Screenshot
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Inventory Egg App: Choose New Report Type Screenshot
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Inventory Egg App: Add Report Page Screenshot
Property Details

There are a few options for populating property details

  • Enter property details manually
    • Type/dictate core property details
    • Choose property type (House, bungalow etc)
    • There's the option to Add Default Rooms (according to the property type)
    • There's also the option to Add Default Items (according to the room type)
    • Alternatively, rooms or items can be added manually
    • Set the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and tenants
  • Base the report on a previous Inventory
  • See our blog article 'Basics of the Property Reporting Cycle' for information on creating new reports and the flow of property reporting

    • Choose 'Property Lookup'
    • Start typing the property address or choose from the dropdown list of properties
    • Any previous reports for the property show in a list. Choose one to base your new report on
  • Lookup property details from a previous report
    • If no previous reports exist for the property, use core property details with the button 'Use Property Info'
Start the report

Click 'Start Report'

Complete the various sections, where required
Backup / Submit the report

From the main page of the report, click 'Manage Report'

From there, you can

  • Backup Report
    • Copies the report to the server, including any images
  • Submit Report
    • Copies the report to the server, including any images
    • Sets the report as Submitted/Complete, on the server
    • Provides the option to delete the report from the device/mobile

Now browse your properties and reports on the server, export to PDF etc

View a sample Inventory Report

Sample Inventory/Check-Out Inspection Report Front Page
Tutorial Videos

Starting a Property Inventory Report

Schedule of Condition within a Property Inventory Report

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