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Setup Company Details & Logo (PDF Export)

When exporting reports from the website, there are various personalisation options available for the PDF export. This includes custom settings for font-size, address, telephone number and an optional Company/Business logo which can be uploaded on the settings page.

On the website dashboard settings page, you can setup details of your company/business and upload a company logo. Your company/business name, address, telephone number and logo will be displayed the front page of your Inventory, Check-In, Midterm and Check-Out reports.

Screenshot, Inventory Report with Company Logo

Go to 'Settings' with the Cog icon.

Screenshot, Inventory Egg settings

Business/Company Details and PDF Export settings.

Screenshot, Inventory Egg settings

Set the Business/Company name, address and telephone number to be displayed on your reports

Screenshot, Inventory Egg set Company/Business Name

Adding the Company Logo: Click 'Choose File'

Screenshot, Replace Company Logo

Choose your Company Logo

Screenshot, Choose Company Logo

Upload the Logo

Screenshot, Upload Company Logo

Scroll Down to View your Logo

Screenshot, Scroll Down to View your Company Logo

Your Business/Company Logo, Company Name, address and telephone number will now show on the Front Page of the PDF Export for Inventory, Check-In, Midterm and Check Out property reports!

To start creating a Property Report with Inventory Egg, see Inventory-Report support!

There's more info on our blog on principles of Creating Check Out inspection reports